What is Dermal Filler Treatment and Who Needs It?

Aging is the primary cause of wrinkles. These ugly lines begin to appear when you are in your 30s and will become more obvious when you reach mid-40s, just like me. In this modern age you need not worry about them as there are many different ways to remove or make them less visible. Dermal filler treatment is one of the popular procedures being performed by dermatologists.

According to my doctor, dermal fillers can be made of different materials. Some clinics make use of collagen whilst others use hyaluronic acid. This substance is actually found on our skin so it’s not really harmful. Other dermal fillers come from fat which is naturally taken from another part of the body. They are then injected through the skin in areas where wrinkles are visible, usually below the forehead. Of course, the procedure is not pain-free so an anesthetic will be applied onto the area. Your doctor will look at your face first to find which areas need filling before starting the procedure. Yes, you will feel the pricking but it’s not really that awful.
This kind of treatment works by plumping out the skin tissue to remove folds on the skin and to make them smoother. Its effect last longer, like seven or eight months. My doctor said that when you’re younger, you’ll only need a little dermal filler on a few areas but as you grow older and your wrinkles get more visible, you will definitely need more dermal fillers.

I was sort of worried that I might get bumps on my face but the beauty specialists or doctor will explain to you first the whole process before they schedule you for the treatment. So I think my worries, and your worries as well, are quite baseless. We’ll be fine, so long as we go to a registered and certified clinic. 

One of the things I like about dermal filler treatment is that I need not wait for a recovery period. I can immediately do my activities and get back to my routine right after my session. There are some though who suffer from allergic reactions but these things can be avoided. That is why clients are requested to undergo some medical tests first in order to determine if they’re fit to undergo any beauty enhancement procedures.

Published on  August 28th, 2013