Reasons Why People Undergo Cosmetic Treatment

There is no doubt to the growing popularity of cosmetic treatment or surgery nowadays. Even men are joining women in opting to have hair transplants, tummy tucks, facelifts, and other cosmetic surgery available. Said procedure is usually done to correct a disfigurement or to enhance a person’s features. Some children undergo cosmetic surgery to correct a cleft palate or cleft lip whilst most adults undergo this procedure to remove baggy skin around the eyelids, for facelift, or nose lift. Liposuction and breast augmentation are the more popular procedures for women. It is a very safe procedure and any person can have this procedure so long as it is done by professionals who are really competent in this field. There are also non-surgical procedures available look on NHS for more information.

Here is a list of the people who need or wish to undergo cosmetic treatment or surgery and their reasons why.

1. Some people who figure out in an accident, such as work accident, car crashes, or sports, that result in severe deformities often undergo cosmetic surgery to fix their injuries.
2. Those who want to fix the damage caused by their illness. These are those who have been through difficult times due to massive weight loss or sickness and the only option available for them to survive is to undergo surgery.
3. People with deformities on their face or body. Examples of these are physical birth defects (cleft lips and palates and ear deformities), traumatic injuries (burns or dog bites), or the outcome of disease treatments just like reconstructing a female’s breast after undergoing surgery for breast cancer.
4. People who wish to boost their self-esteem and think that cosmetic surgery will help them achieve that. Most of them are extremely happy and grateful for the new changes in their bodies. 5. People who are vain about their looks and are willing to undergo facelifts, breast augmentation, botox, and other vanity procedures just to improve their looks.

Fergus Walsh from the BBC has written an article asking, why it is that so many people want cosmetic procedures. It seems cosmetic surgery is at it's most popular.

Cosmetic treatment or surgery is a matter of choice. Never have it unless you’re sure it is the right and the best thing for you. Talk to your doctor first and try to know the possible results of such procedure and consider the kind of life you will have after the procedure before making that big decision.


Published on  September 5th, 2013